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Several factors have been taken into consideration when
choosing a fuel for a particular purpose
It would be rather difficult to run a car on coal, or cook
using petrol !
The 7 things are :
T oxicity - How poisonous is the fuel ?
E nergy value - How much energy do you get out of every
kg of fuel ?
A availability ­ how far does it need to be transported ? How
easy is it to transport ? What are the
reserves…read more

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When any fuel burns, carbon dioxide and water vapour are
We can prove that this is the case using the following simple
set up :
The limewater turns milky showing that there was carbon
dioxide and the cobalt chloride paper turned pink showing there
was water
The equation is similar for all fuels
Bunsen burners…read more

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Incomplete burning
e.g.…read more

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A heater should be checked regularly to make sure it is
burning properly…read more


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