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Using carbon fuels

A fuel is a store of energy
This energy can be released by converting it, into another
form, usually heat

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Several factors have been taken into consideration when
choosing a fuel for a particular purpose
It would be rather difficult to run a car on coal, or cook
using petrol !
The 7 things are :
T oxicity - How poisonous is the fuel ?
E nergy value - How…

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When any fuel burns, carbon dioxide and water vapour are

We can prove that this is the case using the following simple
set up :

The limewater turns milky showing that there was carbon
dioxide and the cobalt chloride paper turned pink showing there
was water

The equation…

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Incomplete burning


Methane + Oxygen Carbon monoxide + Carbon ( soot ) + Water
2CH + 4O 2CO + 2C + 6H O

If a fuel burns in a shortage of oxygen it gives off
unwanted gases
These gases contain soot and are toxic

One of the toxic fumes…

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A heater should be checked regularly to make sure it is
burning properly


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