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Designer Polymers

Polymers have extremely strong covalent bonds between the
atoms in the chain which makes them very unreactive
Because of this they are waterproof, acid proof, do not
affect food and are non ­ toxic

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Polymers which have weak forces between the chains
( intermolecular forces ) are flexible and stretchy because
the chains can slide past each other
They melt easily
Examples are polythene, polypropane and polystyrene

Polymers which have bonds between chains ( cross ­ linked )
are more rigid and have higher…

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Polyester Lightweight Clothing
Waterproof Bottles

Years ago anoraks and cagoules were made of nylon
( polymer ) because it was tough, lightweight, UV proof and
However nylon does not allow sweat to escape so these
anoraks got very clammy and uncomfortable
In 1978 Gore ­ tex was invented…

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Problems with polymers

Although the huge advantage of polymers is that they are
extremely unreactive, this is also their biggest disadvantage
because they are non ­ biodegradable

This means that :

Land fill sites get filled up quickly wasting land
Burning them produces CO , pollution and toxic gases



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