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Making polymers

Cracking always produces at least one alkene
There is a family similar to akines similar to alkanes

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Name Number of C Formula Structure
atoms in a chain
Ethene 2 C H

Propane 3 C H

Like many substances, polymers were discovered by
In 1933 in Cheshire two chemists were working for ICI
trying to make special chemicals
They heated large amount of ethene overnight
In the…

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This is a rather awkward way to draw polymers

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Name Number of C Molecula Structural formula
atoms in a chain r
Methane 1 C H

Ethane 2 C H

Propane 3 C H

Butane 4 C H

Pentane 5 C H

Hexane 6 C H
Heptane 7 C H
Octane 8 C H
Nonane 9 C H

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Decane 10 C H

Monomers and Polymers


Name Structure Name Structure Trade
Ethene Polyethene Polythene

Propene Polypropene

Chloroethen Poly PVC
e chloroethen
Tetra Poly tetra Teflon,
fluoro fluoro PTFE
ethene ethene
Styrene Polystyrene Styrofoa

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Different plastics have different uses

Name of polymer Properties Uses
Poly ( ethene ) Durable Plastic bin bags and
Low density Flexible supermarket bags
Water resistant Squeezy bottles
Cling film
Poly ( ethene ) Tough Buckets
High density Durable Bowls
Easily moulded Sandwich boxes
Water resistant
Poly ( propane…


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