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Food additives

Any extra chemicals added to food is called an additive
All additives have E - numbers
Some are natural
Some are synthetic ( man ­ made / manufactured )

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There are four types of additives

Additive E ­ Number Reason Examples
Colouring E 100 ­ 199 To make it look Cochineal ( pink ) in
more appetising cakes
Caramel in sweets or
Preservatives E 200 ­ 299 To stop food Sulphur dioxide in
` going off ' jam…

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When an emulsifier is added to two immiscible liquids (
don't mix ) its molecules line up at the interface

If you agitate the mixture an emulsion forms

The micelles and microscopic repel each other which stops
the emulsion separating
Emulsifiers are used in soaps, shampoos, face creams and

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Recent advances in technology have developed active
This is where packing / preservative controls the conditions
to stop food going off

Active packaging

Nowadays active or intelligent packing has been developed

Active packaging involves material controlling the conditions
inside the packet :

Packing in an inert atmosphere, usually nitrogen…

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Intelligent packing includes indicators on packages
An indicator shows how fresh the food is on the outside of
a package
A central circle darkens as the products loses its


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