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The study on a family with genetic abnormality
By Gemma & Skeet…read more

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The theory behind this study was the XYY
chromosome, where instead of having the
common 46 chromosomes, there is an extra
sex Y chromosome.
It is less of a syndrome and more of a clinical
phenotype.…read more

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To explain the behaviour of a large family in
the Netherlands where the males are affected
by a syndrome of borderline mental
retardation and abnormal violent behaviour.
This could include impulsive aggression, arson
and attempted rape.…read more

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One family with 5 affected males.…read more

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Procedure & Research Method
The data was collected from urine samples
over a 24 hour period.
Laboratory Experiment…read more

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The urine showed a disturbed monoamine
metabolism which was caused by a defect in
the MAOA enzyme.
Also the 5 males had a point of mutation in
their X chromosome of the gene responsible
for the production of MAOA.
The MAOA should look like this
But ends up looking like this…read more

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