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First of all you need a title page. You can decorate it however you like, but you need to include

Your name
Arts Adviser: (Keep it blank)
Signature (you should do your actual signature)
Trinity Guildhall arts award bronze level 1

Then you need a contents page. It should look…

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Okay so now it's time for your part A. This will be graded so make sure you've covered
everything. For your Part A you have to perform/do/make something. This can be a dance, card
trick or acting in a play. If you don't like performing in front of people you…

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onto a c-d then include the c-d in your portfolio) If it's something written like a book or play
include a copy in your portfolio.

Last of all for your Part A is your review. This is when you evaluate your arts activity and say what
you thought about it.…

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Include your name & pictures that relate to the Arts Award as well as Tick when
Front Cover Arts Award Bronze Level 1 Part C
`Heroes and Heroines'

Contents (Leave this page blank and complete it at the end!)

Name & Picture The name of the hero/heroine that you…

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Choreograph a dance
Run a 510 minute workshop
Making a how to... guide and putting on YouTube

You need to write out a plan. This should include

Your name
The current date
What you're going to do (I am going to teach improvising)
Subject/focus (I am focusing on English )…

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My Evidence: Pictures
My Activity Diary
My Review of What I Did
Part B Be the Audience
The Event
My Experience
My Documentary Evidence
My Photographic Evidence
Part C "Heroes & Heroines"
Name & Picture
Part 1 - Childhood
Part 2 - After School
Part 3 -…


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