Introduction to Geography

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Climate Change!

An interesting topic in my opinion. Many ideas, thoughts and theories contribute to the main ideas of what the term means in it's most literal form. Many may contradict, but in my opinion it is the following: (sorry if I sidetrack a little bit)

Climate change is to do with a new pattern of weather in the GA (Global Averages) accross the globe. Now many a times, despite being a student, I've been asked: What do you think of global warming is? Do you think we as humans have been helpful, unhelpful or even caused global warming? Usually, I don't answer. I let the person speak their opinion. In this day and age, opinions are based on thoughts, feelings and other opinions in society.

Despite this, I'm going to give you the facts, the statistics, maps 'n' charts and questions that you may answer yourself (before I do, anyway!). I'm going to arm you with the knowledge (though I am in Y9…




There is also a documented version of this under the same name