Brass and woodwind instruments

Brass and woodwind instruments, and a short description of them

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Trumpet ­ the highest register in the brass family. Produces a "bright"
sound. Constructed of brass tubing bent twice into a compact rectangle.
Cornet ­ a mellower sound than the trumpet, but very similar. Derived from
the post horn.
Flugelhorn - Resembles a trumpet, but with wider tubing. It originally
translated into English as "wing horn"
Tuba ­ Lowest pitch brass instrument. One of the most recent. Has a large
bell and is big in size.
Trombone ­ Literally means "large trumpet". It has a telescopic slide which
is used to vary the pitches.
French Horn ­ Descended from the natural horn. Has 12 feet of tubing
wrapped into a circular shape, ending with the bell.
Clarinet ­ a single reeded-instrument, usually made from wood.
Saxophone ­ It has a single reed like the clarinet, but fingering like the oboe.
They are made in eight sizes, and are usually gold in colour.
Bassoon ­ Lowest member, double reeded. Metal extension on which the
reed is placed.
Flute ­ played on its side, by blowing over the hole. Finger pads have been
Recorder ­ has 8 finger holes and a whistle mouthpiece. Easy to play.
Oboe ­ double-reeded. Has a small bell at the bottom with a sweet sound.


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