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  • Jazz Music
    • Jazz Music is an American, European and African fusion. Jazz originated in New Orleans.
    • Wind, Brass and Jazz Bands sound quite similar. What is the difference?
      • Wind Bands have Woodwind, Brass and Percussion. There is no string section.
      • Brass Bands have brass and percussion.
      • Jazz Bands are quite varied. They have no fixed set of instruments. Small jazz groups are called combos. Larger jazz bands are known as big bands or swing bands.
        • Jazz Bands have a rhythm section and a front line. The rhythm section is responsible for keeping the beat and adding the harmony. The instruments that play the melody are the front line.
    • A typical jazz performance will start with a tune that all the players know. The whole band plays this tune, which is called the head. Some will play improvised solos after, while the rhythm section plays harmonies. After the solos the band will finish with the head.
      • Styles of Jazz
        • Trad (traditional)- one of the earliest types of jazz was ms popular in 1920's. Two common instruments were the banjo and clarinet.
        • Swing- Bands became bigger in the 1930's and 1940's and were largely made up of brass instruments
        • Bebop- This developed in the mid 1940's and played by combos.The melodies were more complex and the harmonies more dissonant.
        • Cool- This style is very easy- going and laid-back. it developed in the late 1940's.
        • Latin- Was often lively and fast. It developed in the 1940's and was influenced by the rhythms of Brazil and Cuba as well as Africa.


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