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Bowlby's evolutionary theory
by thegirlwhoknewtoomuch…read more

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· For the main information on the theory click here
· For the evaluation click here
Title slide…read more

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Bowlby's evolutionary theory
· Innate
· Critical period
· Adaptive
· Monotropy
· Internal working model
· Later development…read more

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· Babies are born with instinctive behaviours
(crying/laughing) and when adults see these
behaviours, different instinctive responses occur
· These behaviours cause adult and child to spend a lot
of time together. These behaviours are called social
releasers…read more

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Critical period
· Had to form attachment within first 18months
· If no attachment is formed after 2 and a half years
then no attachment will ever form…read more

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· Attachment is adaptive as it helps you to survive
· This is because a strong attachment to your mother
can help you survive as your mother is a source of
food, protection and shelter…read more

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