Bonus Army

Very basic but key points about the bonus army- what is was, what happened etc.

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Bonus Army
In 1924, it was voted that WWI veterans would be given a bonus $1.25 for each day
served overseas, $1.00 for each day served in the States.
By 1932 the nation was suffering from the Depression and the unemployed veterans
wanted their money immediately, rather than waiting as originally agreed until 1945.
So in 1932, 20,000 unemployed exsoldiers set up a Hooverville in Washington to ask for
their war pension or `bonus' to be paid early. Hoover set the army on them, who drive them
away with guns and teargas.
Above: The Bonus Army and right, the
Hooverville home of the Bonus Army.
Below: Hoover drove the Bonus Army away by sending in the army and burning their site.


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