Human Effects of the Depression

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  • Human Effects on the Depression
    • Electronics, aviation and the film industry continued to prosper
      • People enemployed in those industries benefited from those lower prices
    • In Chicago, nearly half labour force were unemployed in 1933
    • Farmers bankrupted = drift to California
      • Bans bankrupted = run on banks, banking crisis
      • Fall in exports, production, sales, wages
    • Not everyone suffered = 'new industries' prospered an people with steady wages benefited from falling prices
    • 1933 - Unemployment reached 25%
    • In Memphis the figure was 75%
    • Hundreds of thousands of Americans took to the roads and travelled as hobos, trying to find work wherever they could
    • Black's, especially, hard hit - in Chaleston, in 1931, 70% of black people of working age were unemployed
    • Unemployment in north especially - Among black communities = hobos and beggars
      • Homelessness = Hooverville
        • Charity = soup kitchens and bread lines
    • Bonus Army riots and demonstrations
    • In Industrial cities of the north the rate was even higher as factories and businesses cut down o production or shut down completely


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