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English exam tips: Preparing for your English exams
It's normal to feel a little worried before an exam. Some people go into
a cold sweat, some say it's all right, and some even say they're not
bothered. But we all seem to feel a little different when we're actually
in the exam room.
So the first thing to remember is that it's normal to feel a little weird,
and if you prepare for the experience, the easier it is. You could think
of it as some sort of test, like a football match, and so prepare like
professional footballers:
They don't just start the game cold. They sort out everything they
need days beforehand. It's all laid out, and they have spares of
So you could make a list of everything you need, such as blue and black
pens, a ruler, a pencil and rubber.
And they'll study the other team for hours on end, watching videos and
even going to other matches.
So go through old English exams and questions, and look in revision
books or on internet sites, like Bitesize. These will show you exactly
what you're up against.
Then professional footballers get to the ground early, so make sure
you plan your route and you've got lots of time ­ this is one of the days
when you cannot be late.
And they'll walk round the pitch. Some will go round several times. But
Many players want to get a feel of the place ­ they will be imagining
themselves playing, and imagining themselves doing really well.

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And you should do the same before the day of the exam. It might feel
a bit silly, but it seems to work for lots of people and many
professional footballers spend time imagining taking penalties, or
corners, or scoring goals. There's even a simple trick that might work
with you too:
You have to think of a time when you felt great ­ you did something
really good, and everyone knew how good you were.…read more

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You should, of course, write a plan for all
of the longer questions, like the writing and the poetry.
And loads of people still don't bother to help the examiner. You should
always write in the margin which question you are doing. And you should
always leave a space between questions. If you don't, the examiner has
to spend extra time working out what answer they are reading.…read more

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So here's a run down of the top tips. Read the question, highlight key
words, plan your answers, write down the question numbers with your
answers, use paragraphs and interesting sentences, try to be original.
Time yourself and work till the end of the exam. Check your work.
When you've left the room, forget about it. And plan something nice for
after the exams.…read more


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