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English exam tips: Preparing for your English exams

It's normal to feel a little worried before an exam. Some people go into
a cold sweat, some say it's all right, and some even say they're not
bothered. But we all seem to feel a little different when we're actually

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And you should do the same before the day of the exam. It might feel
a bit silly, but it seems to work for lots of people and many
professional footballers spend time imagining taking penalties, or
corners, or scoring goals. There's even a simple trick that might work

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question and write your plan. You should, of course, write a plan for all
of the longer questions, like the writing and the poetry.

And loads of people still don't bother to help the examiner. You should
always write in the margin which question you are doing. And you should…

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you've finished them all, you'll probably feel a bit lost, so make sure you
go out or arrange to do something special with your friends after the

So here's a run down of the top tips. Read the question, highlight key
words, plan your answers, write down the question…


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