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    • tips
      • stay calm in the exam
      • read all text and each question an mininmum of 2 times to ensure you understand correctly
      • highlight key information and good vocab
      • be alert, and prepared for a harder question, is it really asking you what you think it is?
      • stay focused on your aim of doing well and getting the required grade that you need.
    • grammar
      • make sure your spelling and punctuation
        • is correct and neat, as it will help you achieve a higher grade
    • pre exam prep
      • make  sure on your persons  on the day of the exam you have
        • 2  working pens, a pencil, and at least 2 highlighters
    • leading up to the exam
      • make sure to go over spelling, grammar, your common mistakes, and past exam questions
  • good luck,and if this helps just one person in an exam, then its more than served its purpose.


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