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A food chain shows relationships between the living organisms. It also shows how energy and biomass
are transferred. Biomass refers to the total mass of the organic material at each stage.

Pyramid of biomass shows the amount of energy and biomass being loss at each stage as faeces,

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and other factors which can harm the organism

The advantages of computer models are:
they take less time to estimate
no human errors are made
predictions can be made when there's diseases going around

The disadvantages are:
lots of factors must be programmed into the computer
high values can…

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Charles Darwin believes that organisms that survive can pass on their best survival skills to their
offspring. This gets involved with natural selection. Darwin had difficulties explaining his theory.
(Variation, competition, better adapted, pass on their genes, successful generation.)

5 Kingdoms

Have cell walls
Can photosynthesis

Have nervous…




A concise set of notes on environment that could be used by many students studying ecology. It would be useful to download these and add some key diagrams to help illustrate the points.

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