Biology - Differences between Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes

This is a table to show differences between Prokaryote cells and Eukaryote cells, it was a homework task. It is based on the OCR specification for AS Biology. Happy revising! =P

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Reianna Shakil L6EF Biology 12/09/12

Feature Prokaryote Eukaryote

Cell size Average diameter 0.5-5µm. Up to 4µm diameter common;
commonly 1000-10,000 times
volume of prokaryotic cells.

Form Unicellular or filamentous. Unicellular, filamentous or truly

Genetic material Circular DNA lying naked in the Linear DNA associated with
cytoplasm. protein and RNA…

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Reianna Shakil L6EF Biology 12/09/12

membranes in blue-green

Photosynthesis No chloroplasts. Takes place Chloroplasts containing
on membranes which show membranes which are usually
no stacking. stacked into lamellae or grana.

Nitrogen fixation Some have the ability. None have the ability.
Differences between Prokaryote cells and Eukaryote cells




Very helpful! :)

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