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Additional Biology Questions
1. Give the main components of the cell and their jobs.
2. Compare animal, plan, bacterial and yeast cells.
3. Describe the tissues (in the stomach.)
4. Give six uses of glucose in our plants.
5. Describe the internal structure of the leaf.
6. How is energy…

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Additional Biology Answers
1. Nucleus = Controls the activities of the cell
Cytoplasm = Site of most chemical reactions
Cell Membrane = Controls the passage of substances in and out of the cells
Mitochondria = Site of most energy released in respiration
Ribosomes = Site of protein synthesis
Vacuole =…

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15. The liver produce bile which is stored in the gall bladder before being released into the
small intestine. Bile neutralises acid and emulsifies fats.
16. Gene ­ A small section of DNA which controls a particular characteristic.
Allele ­ Different forms of the same gene, can be dominant or…

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Triple Biology Questions
1. Give the substances present in energy drinks. Explain why.
2. Describe how plants are adapted for exchange
3. Describe the stomata, guard cells and transpiration stream.
4. Describe the location of the lungs.
5. Describe how we inhale and exhale
6. Describe how organ systems are…

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Triple Biology Answers
1. Sports drinks contain sugars to replace sugars used in energy release. They also contain water
and ions to replace the water and ions lost during sweating.
2. The surface area of the roots is increased by root hair. In the leaves the surface area is

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15. A donor kidney with a tissue type similar to that of the recipient is used and the recipient is
treated with drugs that supress the immune system.
16. Temperature is monitored and controlled by the thermoregulatory centre in the brain. This
has receptor sensitive to the temperature of the…


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