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AO1 ­ description AO2 ­ commentary/evaluation
Biological treatments; Drug therapy ­ schizophrenics may be reluctant to take pills due to
Drug therapy paranoia of what the drug may be/do to them. Also, the individual may
1. First generation ­ neuroleptic drugs e.g. thorazine and Haldol. forget…

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fewer side effects such as tardive dyskinesia and Parkinson's
type symptoms such as tremors. However, people may be given
1st generation drugs if they do not respond to these. Although
they do have fewer side effects than first generation drugs, they
still produce serious side effects; 1-2% of patients develop…

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An electro current is passed between two scalp electrodes to create a in any meaning benefit for schizophrenic patients (e.g. in terms of
seizure. The patient is first injected with a short-acting barbiturate, so hospitalisation, change in mental state and behaviour).
they are unconscious before the electric shock is administered.…




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