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Feedback mechanisms
Homeostatic control of any feedback system:

Set point
Receptor ­ detects deviation
Controller ­ coordinates information
Effector ­ returns system to set point
Feedback loop ­ informs receptor of changes

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Control of oestrous cycle

In female mammals
Controlled through interaction of different hormones that travel in blood plasma
Menstrual cycle in humans only

Hormonal control of menstrual cycle

2 hormones released from PITUATARY GLAND ( brain) :

FSH ( follicle ­ stimulating hormone) : STIMULATES development of follicles in ovary,…

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7. Progesterone maintains thick lining and inhibits release of FSH and LH
8. Egg not fertilised = corpus leuteum degenerated = progesterone decreases
9. Lining of uterus breaks down ­ MENSTRUATION = FSH NO LONGER INHIBITED
10. FSH release resumes and cycle repeated


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