Bhopal disaster (urbanisation)

case study that show how the disaster has effected bhopal and the people in bhopal.

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Where is Bhopal located?
Bhopal is located in Asia, India in a state called Madhya Pradesh.
Bhopal is located in the mid regions of India.
The Bhopal disaster happened on
the night of the 2nd of December in
1984. This disaster was the largest
industrial disaster to its time.
This disaster took place in the
company of Union Carbridge. Due to
water leaking into the tank through
faulty valves and corroded pipes an
explosive chemical had leaked. 36
tons of the deadly gas methyl isocyanate had leaked and spread
through the city of Bhopal.
Effects on city and the people?
After the extremely toxic gas leaked into the atmosphere of Bhopal
it caused a cloud of gas to collect over areas of Bhopal. Primarily on
the same day 3500-7000 people were reported as dead officially but
the unofficial rate of deaths as still not configured. Even if someone
did not die that person was effected in some way or the other.
Some effects to the body were blindness and body problems. The
radiation chemicals destroy the body from the inside if inhaled
The initial responses to the gas leak was people getting very
panicked and screaming and then people thought of going to areas
with a higher level so that the gas does not reach them easily but

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Running was not
their best option as the area was very foggy in the early morning.
After the disaster
After the disaster the factory Union Carbridge was closed down and
senior members of staff were arrested of not being responsible to
check the valves of the pipes to check their condition.
Medical tents were set up or medical buildings were made available
for people to consult a doctor to find out what problems that gas
has caused to them.…read more


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