Urbanisation - push/pull factors and definitions

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Urbanisation is a process where more and more people are moving to live in cities.

Rural-to-urban migration is a process in which people move from the country to towns.

Land use is the type of building or featues that are found in a particular area.

Function is the purpose of a particular are eg. for residents , for recreational use.

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Pull Factors

Urbanisation pull factors

It is usually when people are attracted tourban areas because of better prospects.

  • better paid jobs, greater range of employment opportunities, jobs in companies.
  • better medical care.
  • better edcucation
  • better living standard
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Push Factors

Urbanisation -push factors

Rural to urban migration

  • droughts -land can't suppost the because because of lack of water leads to crop failure.
  • natural disasters - volcanoes, earthquakes, floods mean that people have to move out of their homes in rural ares.
  • war/persecution - people forced to leave at gunpoint
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