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Animism: belief in ghosts or spirits
Enlightenment: period associated with the 18th century when reason became to be seen as a guiding
Functional definitions: attempting to explain the function of religion in society
Ideology: set of ideas that legitimate the power of a particular group
Profane: ordinary, unreligious aspects…

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Globalisation: process whereby social and economic activity spans many nations with little regard
for national boarders
Meta-narratives: `grand' explanations provided by religion, politics and science
Monopoly of truth: view that only the viewpoint of the holder can be accepted as true
Religious pluralism: where a verity of religions co-exists, all…

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Religious compensators: aspects of religion that provide temporary answers to fundamental
queries about the nature of existence and satisfy universal needs
Religious pluralism: where a variety of religious beliefs co-exists, all are considered to have equal
Secularisation: process in society where religious beliefs and practices lose their social significance…


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