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Beliefs about Deity
Christianity…read more

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Transcendent- superior
The Trinity Personal- existing as a human
Impersonal- not existing as a human
Immanent-God is within all
Jesus: personal and Is immanent but
immanent. impersonal. Is the way God
guides people each day.
Son Spirit
"We believe in the almighty maker"
"We believe in one Lord- the only son
of God"
"We believe in the Holy Spirit who
proceeds from the father and son"-
Nicene Creed…read more

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Characteristics of God
Anthropomorphises of God: God is...
· A warrior- Strong · Omnibenevolent- all loving
· A judge- Just · Omnipotent- all powerful
· A King- Powerful · Omniscient- all knowing
· A Father- Caring · Omnipresent- Present
Anthropomorphises- Personifications…read more

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Arguments Against
God's existence
· Why are humans made imperfect if there is a God?
· Why is an "all loving God" allowing evil in the world?
· There is evidence against creationism, therefore there is no God
Arguments For
· Ontological argument: We cannot think of anything greater, so God must exist
· Cosmological: The universe can not come from nothing, something had to cause it
· Teleological : The world is so perfect it must have been designed
· Experience- God has been experienced through miracles and answers to prayers
· Moral: humans have a knowledge of good and bad- this knowledge must have been given
by God.…read more

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Something out of the ordinary, that can not be performed by humans and contradicts law of
· Types of miracle- a miracle over nature, healing, exorcisms, resurrections
Examples of biblical miracles: Modern examples:
· Jesus turned water into wine · A young girl saw visions of virgin Mary in
· The resurrection of Jesus Lourdes, France(1958). Water in Lourdes
· Jesus walked on water is thought to have healing properties.
· Jesus made a blind man see · Near death experiences…read more


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