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Numbers rebel ­ 5,000 (incl. 2000 Fr mercenaries) Royal ­ up to circa. 15,000 (only
royal­ 10-15,000 6,000 engaged rebel force)
5-8,000 initially uncommitted rebel ­ circa 8,000 (core of
Pretender outnumbered 2,000 experienced Gn
mercenaries under Schwarz)
Pretender outnumbered

Casualties 1,000 royal Royal ­ possibly just 100…

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Tactical brilliance of EoO exploited disastrous Rebels employed new pike
miscalculation by RIII in his battle formation tactics
RIII's charge Location chosen to minimise
Swiss manoeuvre by Fr pikemen immediate tactical opportunities
RIII use of high position at Ambien Hill for enemy
Yorkist rebels at top of ridge
Rebels use…


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