Battle of Tannenberg

ww1 Russia battle.

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The Battle of Tannenberg
The battle of Tannenberg was one of the first in world war 1 and was fought between
the German empire and the Russian empire. It lasted four days from 26th August to
30th August 1914. It was fought between the Russian First and Second Armies against
the German Eighth Army
By the time the battle ended on 30 August, the Second Army was destroyed, with
92,000 Russian troops captured, another 78,000 killed or wounded, and only 10,00
escaping. The Germans suffered fewer than 20,000 casualties and captured over 500
guns. Sixty trains were required to transport captured Russian equipment to
Rather than report the loss of his army to Tsar Nicholas II, Samsonov (in command of
the second army) committed suicide by shooting himself in the head on 29 August
The German Eighth Army now faced only the Russian First Army and forced it back
over the pre-war border. Russian forces would not again march on German soil until
the end of World War II.
The Battle of Galicia

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This battle was fought between the Russia against Austria/ Hungary; it lasted 15 days
from the 26th of August to 11th September 1914. It resulted in a Russian victory with
225,000 casualties and losses against 324,000 causalities and losses for Austria/
As the Austrians retreated many Slavic soldiers in the Austro-Hungarian Army simply
surrendered and some even offered to fight for the Russians.…read more

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The Brusilov Offense
The Brusilov offense was also known as the June advance and is remembered as one of
the greatest Russian feats during World War 1 and as one of the most `lethal' battles
in modern history. It took place in what is now Ukraine and ran from June 4th to
September 20th 1916. It was between the Russian Empire against the combined forces
of Austria / Hungary, Ottoman Empire and the German Empire.…read more


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