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Barebones: Nominated Assembly
A closer look…read more

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What is it?
· If parliament couldn't be safely elected, it
would have to be chosen.
Two days
after the After a Never called
expulsion of fortnight a parliament
the rump…read more

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Two Days after
· Calling to the
government persons of
Cromwell and approved fidelity and
his officers honesty.
declared their
intentions of ...…read more

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Two weeks after
· 140
· 6 for Ireland
Selection · 6 for Scotland
· Cromwell did not take a
of place
members Wh
he didn'
ta t
pla ke a
ce?…read more

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Cromwell opens it...
· With a long emotional speech and he refers to
a `string of providences' which led to this
moment and urged the members to live up to
the nations expectations…read more

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Extract from Cromwell's speech Wri at the
own e out in
you word your
opening of the Nominated assembly. s
is sa think C what
y ro ing
her mwell
spe e
I confess I never looked to see such a day as this- it
ech in his
may be nor you neither- when Jesus Christ should
be so owned as He is, at this day, and in this
work...I say you are called with a high call. And
why should we be afraid to say or think, that this
may be the door to usher in the things that God
has promised; which hath been prophesied of;
which He hath set the hearts of His people to wait
of and expect?...Indeed I do think something is at
the door; we are at the threshold.…read more

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