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Pages 256-257
· "They peer down, ask me questions"-
Judgement day in Islam: questions are asked
by Allah
· "The child. Yes, I see him now. We are in an
car of sorts... Soraya never drives this fast... I
want to thank the child"- Random memories
flash in front of Amirs' eyes
· "I fade out"- Simple sentence…read more

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Pages 257-258
· "Aisha, like the prophet's wife"
· "I hear a bubbling sound. I fade out...And that
jabbing at my chest. I fade out... I am thirsty. I
fade out"- Amir is like Sohrab
· "Toophan agha"
· "not the withered man under the blankets,
the man with the sunken cheeks and hollow
eyes"…read more

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Page 258
· "The bear roars, or maybe it's Baba"-
· "He looks up at me and I see. He's me"- Amir
becoming a "real man" like Baba always
· "His face reminds me of the sound of bells"-
Amir is like Assef
· "Clark Gable mustache... Dr. Faruqi" Western
culture versus Eastern culture…read more

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Pages 258-261
· "Where was Aisha?"
· "I wanted to tell him I knew what the word
meant; I was a writer"
· "Al Pacino from the first Godfather"
· "Like a hairlip"
· "Farid nodded, didn't push it"…read more


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