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B5 Growth and Development ­ DNA,
Making Proteins and Genes
By Cait…read more

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All the instructions for how to grow and
develop are contained in your DNA
DNA molecules contain a genetic code
A genetic code if basically a long list of
instructions for how to make all the
proteins in your body…read more

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What is DNA made from?
A DNA molecule has two strands coiled
together in the shape of a double helix (two
Each strand is made up of lots of small
units called nucleotides
Each nucleotide contains a small molecule
called a base
The four DNA bases are called:
1. Adenine
2. Cytosine
3. Guanine
4. Thymine…read more

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Base Pairing
The two strands are held together by the
bases which always pair up in the same
The always pair A-T and C-G…read more

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What is a gene?
A gene is a section of DNA that contains
the instructions for one particular protein…read more

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How are proteins made?
Cells make proteins by joining amino acids
together in a particular order.
It's the order of bases in a gene that tells
the cell in what order to put the amino
acids together
Each set of three bases (called a triplet)
codes for one amino acid…read more


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