this card will tell you all about DNA and genes, what chromosome are and why you have them....

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DNA and genes...

Most cells contain a nucleus-and its the nucleus that contains an animal or plants DNA.
DNA controlls what proteina cell makes, and its the proteins which control everything a cell does. Gentetic infomation is carried as chromosomes. chromosomes usally come in pairs. for example the human cell nucleus contains 23 pairs of chromosomes.
short sections of chromosomes are called genes. we know that certain genes control certain things such as blood type. an allele is another name for a gene, so these sections of chromosome are also called alleles. offspring inherit many of their characteristics from their parents. these characteristics are determined by genes.

Genes they always come in pairs...

genes control everything a cell does, as well as what characteristics parents pass on to their children. its all to do with proteins- genes control the proteins that are made and the proteins controll the cell. the 'rungs' of the DNA ladder are called bases, and there are four different kinds A,T,C and G its the order of these bases ina gene that controls the order that amino acids are strung together in to make a protein.

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