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All organisms need energy for movement, growth, repair
and for some, warmth
This energy comes from respiration, all organisms respire

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All food chains begin with a plant because they absorb
energy from the sun by photosynthesis

Green plants are called producers because they make their
own food
They make their food by photosynthesis
Most photosynthesis takes place in the leaves of the
Chlorophyll ( the green colour ) in…

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What does the plant do with the glucose ?


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What affects the rate of photosynthesis ?

There are three main factors the affects the rate of

Carbon Dioxide


Carbon Dioxide

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All three factors must be at an optimum ( best possible )
for the fastest rate of photosynthesis
These are called limiting factors because each one can
limit the rate of photosynthesis

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How to test a leaf for starch

In this experiment two leaves are being tested for starch

1. First of all put the leaves in boiling water to this kill the
2. Secondly you put the leaves in a water bath, put the
leaves in a test tube and…

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In the leaf that had been partly covered with card the area
that had on, no photosynthesis took place as no light reached
the leaf.
In the variegated leaf, the whiter area means there is no
chlorophyll and so no photosynthesis took place. The green bit
goes blue.

How a…

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The starch can be stored in the leaf cells and other parts
of the plant until it is needed

Plants respire all the time because they always need
energy but they can only photosynthesis during the day
when there is light
The rate of photosynthesis is much higher than the…


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