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Classics - Athens…read more

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The Gods
God What of? Represented by -
Zeus Sky, weather, law, justice, fate Thunderbolt, married to Hera,
royal sceptre, regal, middle
Poseidon Sea, horses, earthquakes Trident, riding a dolphin
Hephaestus Fire, metal-working, stone Crippled, married to Aphrodite,
masonry, sculpture created Pandora
Apollo Prophecy, healing, medicine, sun, Young man, lyre, bow and
lyre, music, archery, disease, arrows,
Ares War, mindless destruction Full body armour
Dionysus Wine, pleasure, festivity, fertility, Thyros, satyrs, maenads, wine
growth, vegetation cup
Hermes Animal husbandry, travel, heralds, wand, winged boots,
hospitality, trade, thievery, winged travellers cap, cloak
language, writing, astronomy…read more

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Goddess What of ? Represented by -
Hera Queen, women, and marriage, Royal staff and crown,
Athena Wisdom, war, craft, military tactics, Patron of Athens, crested
helmet, snake, cloak,
shield, owls
Aphrodite Beauty, love and pleasure, Scallop shell, dove, mirror,
sea foam, apple
Demeter Crops, grain, bread, Grain, flowers, fruit,
mother of Persephone
Artemis Hunting, wild animals, moon, wild Virgin, Apollo's twin, bow
animals, girls and arrows, wild animals…read more

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Usually with large gold and ivory statues
Pronaos ­
entrance area
­ storage room
where gifts
are left
Naos ­ main room
with statue
Sanctuaries: Must be large enough to contain a
temple, an altar and a large area for worshippers.
Places were in relation to the god or goddess they
represented.…read more

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1) animal purchased, dressed with decorative ribbons, horns
painted gold
2) all participants washed, concealed knife in basket of grain, flute
player during the procession
3) nodding = consent to sacrifice, said prayers
4) stunned animal with club (female screams to represent passing
form life to death), collect blood in bowl and poured on the altar
5) meat is shared, entrails inspected
Invocation ­ address to the god
Argument ­ persuading the god for help
Petition ­ what they are requesting for help…read more

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The Panathenaia
Benefits for Athens: Programme:
Honouring Athena 1. musical contests
Demonstration of wealth, greatness 2. athletic contests for boys and
Entertaining break from everyday life youths
3. athletic contests for men
Patriotism, pride in Athens
4. equestrian contests
Bringing people together 5. tribal contests
Reminder of equality 6. torch race and nocturnal
processions and sacrifice
7. boat races
Facts : 8. awarding of prizes and
·Every year = for Athena
· Central icon was the Peplos ­ maid by
young girls (over 9 months) ­ scenes from
the Olympian victory over the giants
· At dawn a procession of 100 animals and
people went to the Acropolis. After there
was a great feast.…read more

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