Classical civilization - Homer

This includes summary for each chapter, sorry if there is spelling mistake I do not have much time when I was doing this, and what I found most useful that you can do is highlight the night before your exam or in the morning :) Good luck all x

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Classical Civilisation ­ Homer, The Odyssey

Epic Poem

It is an epic poem (long story about a hero who has many adventures as
he sets out to achieve his goal)
Odysseus' goal is to get back home to Ithaca after ten years of fighting at
`The Odyssey' was composed…

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Odysseus is weeping for his home on the shore ­ though at night he has to
sleep with Calypso. Calypso pretends she is willing to let him go with all her
heart, disguising from him the true reason for her change of heart. She tells
him to make a raft…

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The picture is odd, as Odysseus is crying and sighing on his own while
staring to the sea
We know how to story is going to end as Zeus has already predicted it
Xenia is being repeated (eating and drinking before discussion)
Details of raft making. Odysseus's skills, he is…

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Odysseus deliberates how to supplicate her, conscious that his naked state might
offend her. He decides to keep his distance at the cost of having his supplication
ignored, and makes his supplication with crafty and subtle words instead. He
flatters Nausicaa, relates his troubles and requests her help.
Nausicaa tells…

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Odysseus admires the Phaeacians city. He reaches the palace and Athene tells
him of Alcinous and Arete's background. Athena repeats the importance of
winning Arete's sympathy in his supplication. Arete is honoured and wise and
settles men's disputes. She then returns to Marathon.
The palace of Alcinous is described in…

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because he has proved his prowess and has ascertained that the Phaeacians
have heard of Odysseus. He announces his name: "I am Odysseus, son of
Laertes. The whole world has heard of my stratagems and my fame has reached
the heavens."
He then begins his tale: with 12 ships he…

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brutally offers him the `gift' of eating him last. He then falls into a disgusting,
drunken sleep, his neck twisted to one side. The men blind the Cyclops with the
heated stake, the blinding likened to the boring of a ship. The Cyclops' eye hisses
and sizzles like a hot…

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Odysseus finally tell so him and the king can be friends
A man holds dearest is father land and family
Odysseus and his crew take over Cicones, take money, women, eat
everything. It was morally acceptable as it is a Greek way to win.
During the battle Odysseus lost 72…

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quickening the pace ­ then it slows again as Odysseus starts to talk about
xenia and how he is hoping to be treated as we think Odysseus is getting the
situation under control, then it speeds up very quickly when the Cyclops eats
a couple of the men. Changing from…

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an exploring party. He comes across a stag, which he kills and transports to the
ship by making a rope. He encourages his grieving men individually and they feast
all day.
The next day, he divides up his men into two parties, puts Eurylochus in charge of
the second and…


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