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AS Sociology ­ F&H 30th November 2009

"Assess the view that Britain is a childcentred society"

Childcenteredness is the act of putting a child first and goes against the previous
authoritarian way. It is about being focused on the protection and safety of a child, and
emphasising that the…

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AS Sociology ­ F&H 30th November 2009

education of children, meal times and fire escapes. Now, the minimum working age for
properly paid employment is 16, with some lenient exceptions such as having a paper
round at the age of 14. All of this is clearly putting the welfare…

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AS Sociology ­ F&H 30th November 2009

children, and as a result, childhood is disappearing. TV programmes such as Hollyoaks
expose children to adult issues, with it being on before the watershed, and therefore
Postman is correct in terms of the adult world being brought into the lives of…


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