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By Sade Thomas…read more

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Due to more couples getting a divorce because
we now live in a more secularised and tolerant
society, rather than stigmatised society.
Also some are lone-parents because their
spouse has died.
Rise in teenage pregnancies
In 2007 almost 1 in 5 single women lived with a
dependent child or children.…read more

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A greater chance of living in poverty due only
person bringing home the money.
The child is more likely to get involved in social
issues e.g. gun crime, drugs and others.
Children in lone-parent family are reportedly
not as likely to do well in education as those
from a child who has two parents.
E.E Cashmore- said that sometimes lone-
parenthood could be the better thing as the absent
partner could be the abusive or violent one.…read more

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Charles Murray ­ New right
Believes that the increase in lone parenthood
contributes to a more over-generous society as
Single-parent families are given a lot of
benefits. Murray sees lone-parent families as
dependent on welfare benefits due to the state
homes they receive.
Allan and Crow however argue that most lone-
parents find a partner to settle down with and do
not rely on benefits.…read more


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