AS OCR Biology: Glycolysis

AS OCR Biology: Glycolysis

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Glycolosis ­ In Cytosol
Glucose 6C + ATP Phosphorylation Glucose Phosphate 6C + ADP
o Phosphate from ATP transferred to Glucose 6C
Glucose 6C Phosphate Isomerisation Fructose
Phosphate 6C/ Fructose Bisphosphate 6C
Fructose Bisphosphate + ATP
Phosphorylation Fructose Bisphosphate 1,6C
Fructose Bisphosphate 1,6C
Splits 2 Triose Phosphate 3C
Each Triose Phosphate 3C Oxidised
ATP + Reduced NAD ATP + Pyruvate
End Products:
o 2 X Reduced NAD Enters Inner Membrane of Mitochondria for
Oxidative Phosphorylation
o 4 X ATP (NET 2 X ATP, 2 used in initial reactions) Metabolism
o 2 X Pyruvate If O2 available Link Reaction (Active Transport)
If O2 NOT available Anaerobic Respiration


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