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Mitochondria ­ The site of aerobic respiration:
Glycolysis ­ In the Cytosol
Link Reaction ­ In the Matrix of Mitochondria
Krebs Cycle ­ In the Matrix of Mitochondria
Oxidative Phosphorylation ­ Inner membrane of Mitochondria

The Matrix contains:
Enzymes that catalyze Link Reaction/Krebs cycle
Molecules of coenzyme NAD

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Has a different lipid composition to the outer membrane
It is impermeable to most small ions, including H
Is folded into many Cristae for large surface area
Has many Electron carriers and ATP synthase enzymes imbedded.

The electron carriers
are protein complexes, arranged in electron transport chains
Each electron carrier…

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stalked particles and they allow protons to pass through them. Protons flow down
a proton gradient through the ATP synthase, from the intermembrane space into
the matrix. The force of this flow (proton motive force) drives the rotation of part
of the ATP synthase and allows ADP and Pi to…


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