AS Geography Unit 2 Case Studies

Notes on Unit 2 Geography AS Exam including case studies.

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Cast study ­ BOSCOMBE, Bournemouth
Declining Seaside Resort ­ part of Bournemouth, experiencing a rebranding scheme.
The focus is upon sport & leisure led rebranding.
The scheme is costing £10 million & is trying to turn Boscombe into an upmarket location.
It features an artificial reef made of sandbags dredged from the seabed ­ makes waves break further off
shore ­ will attract surfers who spend 8% more than the average visitor. Hoped the reef will act as a catalyst for
regeneration. Expected to double Boscombe's good surfing days from 153 to 306!
Hoping to turn Boscombe into a property hotspot... Barrat Homes' Honeycombe Beach Development ­ 169
waterfront apartments costing £350,000 £950,000 each! 42 `super chalets' ­ upmarket beach huts available
for daily hire.
The pier is being reconstructed, along with a new spa village. Includes restaurants, shops & widespread
landscaping work. The reef will provide opportunity for sport other than surfing including windsurfing ­ a wide
agerange attracted.
Boscombe entered a spiral of decline in 1960's as package holidays became cheaper & more widely
available. Victorian houses were split into bedsits which attracted drug users. Social problems have only
worsened since ­ a lady found 13 discarded needles on the beach where her children were playing.
Boscombe's Sorted Surf Shop is investing over £300,000 in new premises, store fitout and warehousing. This
Surf Shop opened in 2000 and has won the contracts to supply both a surf shop and school, complete with
water sports and surf equipment hire.
Bournemouth's surfing image is set to rival Newquay and Bude.
Case study ­ DIBDEN DAY, Southampton
Controversial proposal to build new container port on SSSI site. Would cost £700 million and take 9 years to
build, covering 350 hectare. Would be capable of handling 6 container ships at once.
The location is one of the UK's best natural harbours, with deepwater channels for large ships.
There is area on the banks of the estuary for further development.
On major international shipping route.
Would keep Southampton economy competitive and provide 3000 jobs.
A new access road and rail link would be built.
Five SSSI's would be destroyed having severe implications upon 50,000 water birds.
Increased risk of oil spills & pollution threatening ecosystems & water quality.
Noise & air pollution would increase.
Conflicts between stakeholders/ land users regarding water space for marinas & leisure craft.
The plan was rejected by transport minister in 2004. The need for a port was recognised however Dibden was
deemed unsuitable as costs outweighed benefits. This came as a surprise to many and was probably
influenced by petitions from RSPB & Friends of the Earth.
Also the site is on the edge of the New Forest Heritage Area, and inside the proposed boundary of the New
Forest National Park.

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World Heritage Site with many SSSI's
95 miles from East Devon to Dorset
17 million visitors per year
185 millions years of Earth's geological history recorded in fossils.
Key tension ­ environmental conservation vs. economic development. Many groups of stakeholders
have a viewpoint as how to best manage to coastline, these include...
Local residents, the National Trust, Fishermen, Landowners, Private Developers, County Councils, UNESCO,
Sunbathers & Tourists.…read more

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Case study ­ HOLDERNESS COAST, East Yorkshire
Holderness faces the North Sea and is currently the fastest eroding coastline in the whole of Europe. The
coastline is a stretch of land of about 50km from the chalk cliffs at Flamborough Head up to Spurn Head,
where a large spit protects the entrance to the Humber Estuary.…read more

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SLUMPING ­ mass movement process ­ Alternate wetness & dryness causes expansion and shrinking of cliff
material, can not support heavy wet clay which slides down the side of the cliff. It collects as the base of the cliff
and is washed away by the sea.
Case study ­ FLORIDA
Florida has been subject to Coastalisation.
75% of population live along the coastline and this number is still increasing.…read more


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