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Cast study ­ BOSCOMBE, Bournemouth

Declining Seaside Resort ­ part of Bournemouth, experiencing a rebranding scheme.
The focus is upon sport & leisure led rebranding.
The scheme is costing £10 million & is trying to turn Boscombe into an upmarket location.

It features an artificial reef made of sandbags dredged…

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World Heritage Site with many SSSI's
95 miles from East Devon to Dorset
17 million visitors per year
185 millions years of Earth's geological history recorded in fossils.

Key tension ­ environmental conservation vs. economic development. Many groups of stakeholders
have a viewpoint as how…

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Case study ­ HOLDERNESS COAST, East Yorkshire

Holderness faces the North Sea and is currently the fastest eroding coastline in the whole of Europe. The
coastline is a stretch of land of about 50km from the chalk cliffs at Flamborough Head up to Spurn Head,
where a large spit protects…

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SLUMPING ­ mass movement process ­ Alternate wetness & dryness causes expansion and shrinking of cliff
material, can not support heavy wet clay which slides down the side of the cliff. It collects as the base of the cliff
and is washed away by the sea.

Case study ­ FLORIDA…


Bethany Cunningham


I'd have loved if you had put human topics but great anyway.

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