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Erosional land forms


Potholes a cylindrical shaped, they vary in depth and can merge together. Some are exposed
above river level
Swirling/eddying water creates a shallow hollow which deepened
Water contains some of the rivers load being carried the river and as this hits the sides of the…

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Form when frequent flooding occurs
During flooding the river takes the shortest route and breaks through the narrow gap in the
The sinuous bend in the meander is abandons and the water in it becomes stagnant

Depositional landforms


Located in the lower course of the river
Presence of…

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Unpaired terraces will be present of either side of the river at different levels as the river
erodes laterally

Incised meander:

Two types
entrenched is where the cross profile is symmetrical, form as a result of increased rates of
vertical erosion or the presence of more resistant rock
Ingrown is…

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Hard and soft engineering

Hard engineering: structures are added so that the river channel is directly interfered with so the
speed or flow is altered or the level of storage is changed. There is no concern for the environment.


Advantages: effective at regulating flow and controlling flooding
Disadvantages: expensive,…


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