Biology - Nutrition


Why do we eat?

Our nutrition (nourishment- the nutrients and energy needed for health and growth) comes from the food we eat. Good food is full of nutrients. There are different kinds of nutrients in different foods; and it’s important to ensure that you eat a mixed, well balanced diet (one that contains all the nutrients required for health in appropriate proportions.) Good nutrition will:

·         provide better health

·         ensure a stronger immune system

·         mean that you become ill less often

·         help you learn more effectively

·         make you stronger

·         make you more productive


What’s in a balanced diet?

A balanced diet must provide both the building blocks for growth and repair, and sufficient energy. There are seven components in a balanced diet:

·         Carbohydrates – these are our main source of energy

·         Proteins- these are essential for growth and repair of muscle and other body tissue

·         Fats- these are essential as a source of energy and are also important in cell membranes, waterproofing, absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and many other roles

·         Vitamins- these play important roles in the chemical processes taking place inside cells. Some are water-soluble and some are fat-soluble

·         Minerals- these are the inorganic elements occurring in the body that are essential to its normal functions



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