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Core Principles…read more

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Biological Molecules
Cell transport
Organisms exchange materials with their environment
Digestion…read more

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Biological Molecules
Life on Earth relies on water. At least 80% organism
mass is water. Other chemicals needed are split into 4
- proteins
- nucleic acids 93% of dry mass of living organisms
- carbohydrates (remaining 7% from vitamins)
- lipids
Group name monomers polymers % dry mass
Proteins amino acids polypeptides 50
nucleic acids nucleotides polynucleotides 18
carbohydrates monosaccharides polysaccharides 15
Group name components largest unit % dry mass
lipids fatty acids + glycerol Triglycerides 10…read more

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Biggest division between cells:
- prokaryote (no nucleus)
- eukaryote (nucleus)
Common features:…read more

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Prokaryotic Cells
Mesosome ­ plasma membrane infolding to aid
Capsule ­ sticky outer protective layer
Cell wall ­ rigid structure to help maintain shape
Plasma ­ separates cell from environment
Nucleoid ­ where DNA is
found…read more

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Eukaryotic Cells: Plants
Specific to plant cells:
· Vacuole
· Chloroplast
· Plasmodesma
· Cell wall…read more

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