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Birth Rate (BR) - Number of Births per 1000 of a population per year.

Childhood: A socially defined age-status. There are major differences in how childhood is defined,
both historically and between cultures. Western societies today define children as vulnerable and
segregate them from the adult world, but in the…

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Family practises: the routine actions through which we create our sense of `being a family member'
such as doing the shopping or the DIY. Morgan prefers the term so that of family structure because it
conveys the idea that families are, not `things' but what their members actually do.


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these meanings and understand people's choices about relationships and how these may lead the
family diversity.

Life expectancy: How long on average people who are born in a given year can expect to live.

Living apart together (`LATS'): couples who are in a significant relationship, but not married of

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children. According to Giddens, it is increasingly regarded as the only acceptable basis for in a

Reconstituted family: a stepfamily, in which one or both partners has children from a previous

Reserve army of labour: A Marxist concept describing groups who can be brought into the
workforce when…

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Empty nest family = 2 parents and their children have grown up and left home.

DINKI family = dual income ­ no kids.


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