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Internal factors ­
inside school and educational
system teachers and pupils, different
schools etc.
External factors ­ outside school and
educational system wider society, family etc.
Class differences in education.
Cultural deprivation
Intellectual development ­ parents from
different classes choose different toys,
which may or may not stimulate learning
­ Bernstein & Young
Language ­ working class children use
a restricted code where as middle class
children use an elaborate code ­ Bernstein
Attitudes and values Self imposed barriers
­ Hyman Barriers are fate, collectivism,
immediate gratification, present time
orientation ­ Sugarman
Material deprivation
Housing ­ overcrowding, privacy, concentration, health damp
leading to coldness.
Diet and health ­ poorer homes are more likely to have emotional or behavioural problems, weaker immune systems and
tiredness which can result in absences
Finance ­ taking on jobs to help household income affecting school work. Not having equipment, transport, trips through
not being financially stable therefore not fitting in or getting bullied
Cultural capital (Bourdieu)
Cultural capital ­ educational system has a middle class culture. The working class get the message, that education is not
for them and some give up or rebel.

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Educational/economic capital ­ being equipped for the curriculum and the middle class have `selection by mortgage'
through caption areas ­ Leach & Campos
Gerwitz: Marketisation and parental choice privileged skilled choosers=middle class, disconnected local
choosers=working class, semiskilled choosers=ambitious working class.…read more

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Labelling in education.…read more

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Ethnic differences in education. (External)
Cultural deprivation Intellectual and linguistic skills ­ lack of intellectual stimulation and enriching experiences from
parents through toys and trips, lack of standard English speech
Attitudes and values ­ AfroCaribbean: lack of motivation, Other cultures: ambition, sacrifices
Family structure and parental support
AfroCaribbean: lone parent, matriarchal, colonial rule (slavery)
Asian: bought up to respect elders ­ Lupton `stress ridden' towards children Khan
Culturally different not culturally deprived, schools are ethnocentric to white culture.…read more

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Gender differences in education.…read more

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