Arguments for and against Aquaculture

8 arguments for and 8 arguments against

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AS Geography 16th May 2010
Coasts Revision
Aquaculture seems an obvious way of increasing the world's food supply. However, the
open net cage fish farms used in inshore and estuarine waters can discharge
significant amounts of wastewater containing nutrients, chemicals and pharmaceuticals
that impact on the environment and its wildlife.
Arguments in favour of Aquaculture
1) Can create jobs in community
2) Can increase revenue on city, state and national level
3) Can reduce seafood trade deficit
4) Can help feed a growing world population
5) Can encourage local investment
6) Can increase scientific knowledge and technology
7) Can place more emphasis on protecting coastal waters from pollution,
especially in the case of mollusk and seaweed culture.
8) May reduce fishing pressure on certain wild stocks if that species can be
produced through aquaculture rather than fished.
Arguments against Aquaculture
1. Can conflict with other users of water bodies such as lobstermen, fishermen or
migrating fish
2. Can put excess pressure on wild stocks that are used to create high protein
feed pellets
3. Can amplify and transfer disease and parasites to wild fish populations
4. Can pollute water systems with excess nutrients (fish feed & wastes),
chemicals and antibiotics
5. Can compromise native gene pools if farmed fish and native species
6. Can threaten livelihood of fishermen
7. Can be an unpredictable enterprise for small local communities due to its
susceptibility to severe weather, predators, disease, and global competition
8. Can compromise the aesthetic beauty of coastline
Chris Cartwright


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