Area's of Study (coursework help)

WOrds and pointers you should use in conjunction of exams coursework performance and wrotten peices

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Areas of Study
The Following terms are referred to as Areas of Study. They are very important
and you MUST consider them whilst you are working practically in both your Art
Forms. You will need to be able to refer to them during group discussions and
most importantly when you are evaluating your work in your folder. You get
marked for how well you understand them.
ATMOSPHERE This is a feeling, tone or mood generated by all the components of the work
to achieve a desired effect, That might be Happy, serious, tense, sad. Think
about what drama skills you need to employ to create those types of
AUDIENCE The people who are to experience the realisation (the work). This will link
with the purpose and intention (What your piece of work is about). Some
audiences will be educated, changed, entertained all three at the ed of a
STURCTURE and Whole Constructed unit (The shape of the performance):the way a piece of
SHAPE expressive arts is put together, the connections between a series of
sections; a framework; a definite or proper arrangement of a piece of
expressive work; a form which has some meaning; the total effect.
NARRATIVE A sense of story or having something to say being told: what is
MOTIF A distinctive feature or dominant idea in drama, dance or music: can also
apply in the same way to art.
GENRE A kind or style of arts activity, usually characterised by the nature of its
subject matter or its style of presentation or performance. May be linked
o a historical period or to a particular company or group of practitioners.
Implicit agreement or understanding between Deviser, Performer and
Audience on the conventions and codes to be used.
SYMBOL Something conventionally regarded as typifying, representing or recalling
something, such as an idea of quality. A thing or character that is taken as
the conventional sign for an object, function or process.


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