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heres some helpful notes for the theory paper hope they help you! 

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starting points

A stating piont for a dance is a stimulus so fro example it may be an object, book, music or even images ect. 

You must think how they link to the dance and how they are used.

For example in Mathew Bornes Nutcracker (one set work set by AQA) his staring points are the original story, the ballet and finally music. This is used by  the storyline being used but with adaptations it also uses the same music to help tell the narrative and uses the same characters but with different settings.

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The costume is simply what the dancers wear on stage.

When asked to describe it think head to toe with shape and length to make sure you don't miss anything out.

Also in the Nutcracker the costumes are used to tell the narrative whilst creating an interest in it, but also shows relationships via age adding emotion and comunication to the audience.

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The accompaniment is what goes with the dance.

remember to say what type of music it is and use of insrumentation but this can also be silence.

For example in Overdrive (another set work from AQA) the accompaniment is produced digitally one two keyboards and composed by Terry Riley. It is used in correlation with the lighting and sections of the dance to highlight changes.

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A motif is a phrase of movement with a meaning annd contains action, space and dynamics.

Remember to include words that describe the action space and dynamics plus make sure it is from a set study.

For example a motif from overdrive (one set work from AQA) is seen in section 1 and 16 contains a step to the roght and tilt arms in a diagonal and left leg diagonal, right foot comes over and a sharp jump to the front joining the arms again in diagonal. This shows the use of cunningham teachnique via the use of tilts.

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A climax highlight an important moment in a dance it can some times also aid the communicaton and change the pace.

Remember to say why it's there and its uses.

For example in the Nutcracker (one set work from AQA) the climax is at the end of act 1 where Clara and the Nutcracker are doing a duet before more male dancers join the stage as the music builds and a strong arm gesture corresponds with a symbol crash with a chain reaction of Clara falling to the floor. This is used to signal Clara's love to the Nutcracker.

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