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Choreographed by David Bintley for Birmingham Royal Ballet.

He studied singing, ballet, modern and tap
Created his first ballet at 15 `A Soldiers Tale'
At 16 went to study at The Royal Ballet Upper School
Joined the Birmingham Royal Ballet and danced with The Royal Ballet as a

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Narration ­ Jeremy Irons

Video Directors ­ Keith Beckett, David Bintley

Title Character

Air A Danser The Great Auk

Prelude and Yodel Utah Longhorn Ram

Long Distance Texan Kangaroo Rat

The Ecstasy Of Dancing Fleas Humboldt's HogNosed Skunk Flea

White Mischief Southern Cape Zebra

Now Nothing Rainforest People

Music By…

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Book by David Day The Doomsday Book of Animals (1981)

History of extinct species by direct/indirect human activities

Album cover designs by Emily Young

½ Human, ½ penguin images may have influenced costumes

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Pillars, arched window, 1920s feel, plants (explorers found plants), tables, chairs, coat/hat
stand, and grand elegant room


Cabaret (jazz/stage performance) feel, spotlights track main character (showy), bright
colours and sense to habitat

At the end, the light band dims and the colours turn bland, which is a contrast.…

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This penguin is native of the Atlantic, and was extinct because of reckless persecution of


Action: gallops, hops, springs, flexing feet turns, pivot steps, backbends, lifts, flexing
hangs, springs in arabesque, flapping arms as wings

Dynamics: skimming, buoyant, graceful, elegant, bouncy, light, fun, humorous

Use of Space: curving…

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`Air A Danser'
Light, bouncy, flute and oboes, `chirpy' tune, violins cellos and piano joins.


Three banks of spotlights in light blue spotlights in penguin 4, 3, and 4

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Elegant, ballroom, 1920s Charleston, 5 men


Action: Men peel away, hip wiggle, turn with arms, lift Ram to different sides, sunray with
shaking hands ­ early sun/many armed god, hop, step, hop steps with twists, gallop, step
drag turn

Dynamics: slow, elegant, graceful, smooth, lighter, and bouncy

Use of…

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`Prelude & Yodel'
Violins and strings start, then a faster melody. Wood blocks beat on and offbeat rhythm.
Gets louder towards the end.

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Action: Lie on side, feet bent, roll, circle ankles, wriggle, crouch, kneel, hop, swinging,
hoedown, raised knee, jump, circle hands, slap knees, spring, footwork, twist.

Dynamics: Grounded, bouncy, wiggly, floppy, twitchy.

Use of Space: Hopping pathways

Relationships: Solo, so relationships with music and rhythm.


White tee shirt with…




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