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Choreographed by David Bintley for Birmingham Royal Ballet.
He studied singing, ballet, modern and tap
Created his first ballet at 15 `A Soldiers Tale'
At 16 went to study at The Royal Ballet Upper School
Joined the Birmingham Royal Ballet and danced with The Royal Ballet as a
principal dancer
He has created a wide variety of works in different styles
19851993 became resident choreographer for Royal Ballet
1995 became artistic director of Birmingham Royal Ballet where he
remains now.…read more

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Book by David Day The Doomsday Book of Animals (1981)
History of extinct species by direct/indirect human activities
Album cover designs by Emily Young
½ Human, ½ penguin images may have influenced costumes…read more

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Pillars, arched window, 1920s feel, plants (explorers found plants), tables, chairs, coat/hat
stand, and grand elegant room
Cabaret (jazz/stage performance) feel, spotlights track main character (showy), bright
colours and sense to habitat
At the end, the light band dims and the colours turn bland, which is a contrast. The colours
darken, until a follow spot on the penguin and animals huddle on the arc.…read more

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This penguin is native of the Atlantic, and was extinct because of reckless persecution of
man.…read more

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`Air A Danser'
Light, bouncy, flute and oboes, `chirpy' tune, violins cellos and piano joins.…read more

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Elegant, ballroom, 1920s Charleston, 5 men
Action: Men peel away, hip wiggle, turn with arms, lift Ram to different sides, sunray with
shaking hands ­ early sun/many armed god, hop, step, hop steps with twists, gallop, step
drag turn
Dynamics: slow, elegant, graceful, smooth, lighter, and bouncy
Use of Space: circular pathways, Ram at front, snaking patterns.
Other: Arms ­ worship to animals. Direct contrast to our ability to kill them.…read more

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Prelude & Yodel'
Violins and strings start, then a faster melody. Wood blocks beat on and offbeat rhythm.
Gets louder towards the end.…read more

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Action: Lie on side, feet bent, roll, circle ankles, wriggle, crouch, kneel, hop, swinging,
hoedown, raised knee, jump, circle hands, slap knees, spring, footwork, twist.
Dynamics: Grounded, bouncy, wiggly, floppy, twitchy.
Use of Space: Hopping pathways
Relationships: Solo, so relationships with music and rhythm.
White tee shirt with grey smudges ­ fur/dirt as work in farm/desert. Wears oversized
denimlook dungarees, which are ¾ length, as easier to dance in. Not actual denim because
it would be hot and uncomfortable.…read more



This is great! Its really helped me know little bits I didn't know ready for my exam :-)


This helped so much thankyou!

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