Development of the Korai


Nikandre Kore


Parian Marble

Braided hair, supporting the neck. Similar to Kleobis and Biton

Very little detail. Basic bodily structure focuses around the drapery

Toes are exposed at the bottom of the peplos

Very thin 

No detail in drapery 

No techniques used to show regard for figure of the woman

'Hardly a hint of human form beneath its severe surface' - Woodford

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Berlin Standing Goddess

570BC Archaic

Wears a polos hat, attribure of a goddess

Traditional kore pose, feet together 

Both arms are in front of her rather than by her side

Large, bulging eyes

Long unnaturally narrow head

Archaic smile

Jewelery - bangles, necklace, earrings 

Drapery gives little impression of subject's figure. Symmetrical with detail on back. Viewed in the round

Drapery where feet poke out particularly unrealistic 

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Peplos Kore

c530BC-525BC Archaic

Parian marble

1.18m tall

Peplos painted red with a green and white trim

Arm which is missing likely holding out an offering to the gods

Body symmetrical apart from the outstretched arm

Repetitive hair, falls over breasts to emphasise them. Also supporting the neck

Archaic smile, ovular eyes

Almost appears to be in two parts due to the thick modelling line at the waist

Very static

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Kore 675

c510BC Archaic

Chian marble

55cms tall

Little detail on back, intended for frontal viewing

Wearing a chiton and himation

Shows a break from the traditional korai pose 

Very detailed drapery with motion lines

Realistic but large ears, unaturally large eyes. Archaic smile. Beaded hair

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