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1. The transfer of substances containing carbon between organisms and between organisms and the environment
2. The causes of variation and its biological importance.
3. Mean temperatures are rising in many parts of the world. The rising temperatures may result in physiological and ecological effects on living
organisms. Describe and…

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21. Negative feedback and its importance in biology.
22. Ways in which different species of organisms differ from each other
23. The transfer of energy between different organisms and between these organisms and their environment
24. The structure and functions of carbohydrates
25. How carbon dioxide gets from a respiring…

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Essay structure

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An exceptional essay

· reflects the detail that could be expected from a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of relevant parts of the specification

· is free from fundamental errors

· maintains appropriate depth and accuracy throughout

· includes two or more paragraphs of material that indicates greater depth or breadth…

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· Contains fundamental errors reflecting a poor grasp of basic principles and concepts

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Trying to write the essay

The rule of five: this provides a framework to help you explore the main areas of the subject so you can be sure so that you have thought about all the different ways the aspect in question is
involved in biology.

First consider biology can…

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Respiratory gases Absorption from the Kidney tubules Synapses placenta
Action potential

Functions of proteins

Gas exchange and Homeostasis and Coordination and Reproduction and
transport excretion movement growth

Haemoglobin Enzymes

Tissue fluid Carriers in Hormones Muscle proteins Protein and growth

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Use the result to draw a spider diagram and add some details to the branches


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