A2 Biology F215- Topics covered on previous exams and specimen (before June 2011)

A list of topics which have been on previous exams and the specimen, and also topics which have not come up at all. Every few years the examiners have to ask a question on each topic on the syllabus, therefore if something has not come up yet there is a strong chance it could do this time round. This list will just help in focusing revision.

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A2 Biology F215- Topics covered on previous exams and specimen (before June 2011)
Topics covered on previous Topics covered on specimen Topics that have not appeared
exams paper on any exams
June 10: Sex linkage (brief) Explain meaning of the
State that Genetic cross term genetic code
biotechnology is the Chi squared test Explain that mutations
industrial use of living Describe an example of can have a beneficial,
organisms (or parts of how environment neutral or harmful
affects phenotype effects on the way a
living organisms) to
Describe how lac protein functions (point
produce food, drugs mutations etc..)
operon is expressed
or other products. State that cyclic AMP
Explain what is meant
Outline how by a gene mutation activates proteins by
microorganisms can Suggest why some altering their 3D
be genetically alleles allow normal structure
modified (essay) functioning while Outline how apoptosis
Relate genotypes to others do not can act as a mechanism
phenotypes Energy transfer through to change body plans
Recessive epistasis ecosystem Describe the behaviour
Genetic crosses % energy that is not of chromosomes during
converted into growth meiosis and the
Chi squared test associated behaviour or
Energy transfer from
Suggest how studying the nuclear envelope,
primary consumers to
other organisms can decomposers cell membrane and
still be related to Genetic engineering- Centrioles
humans how isolated gene is Explain the terms allele,
Homeobox gene inserted into plasmid locus, phenotype,
(briefly) Two ways of identifying genotype, dominant,
Describe how bacteria which have recessive and
taken up modified codominant
information coded on
plasmid Explain the terms
genes is used to
Why insulin from linkage and crossing
humans is preferable to over
polypeptides and Explain how meiosis
pigs (brief)
how these and fertilisation can
Protein synthesis within
polypeptides control lead to variation
a fungus (essay)
development of Structures of the brain through independent
organism (essay) (brief) assortment of alleles,
Similarity and How hypothalamus independent
difference between regulates hormone assortment of
structure and concentrations chromatids, crossing
function of synapse Plant hormones: over and mutation
gibberellins and auxins (possible essay?)
and neuromuscular
Apical dominance Use genetic diagrams
to solve codominance
Synoptic: non- Definition of
competitive immobilised enzyme
Describe differences
inhibitors Outline how enzymes
between continuous
can be immobilised
DRD4 receptor and discontinuous
(briefly) variation
Advantages of
Electrophoresis (very Explain basis of
immobilised enzymes
briefly) continuous and

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A2 Biology F215- Topics covered on previous exams and specimen (before June 2011)
Mutations- Synoptic: hydrolysis discontinuous variation
frameshift definition by reference to the
Natural selection or Definition: primary number of genes which
succession influence the variation
allele of DRD4
Role of pioneer species Explain why variation is
receptor gene
Deflected succession essential in selection
Why small population
How biomass changes Use the Hardy-
does not increase in Weinberg principle to
during primary
size- carrying succession calculate allele
capacity, interspecific How ecosystems can be frequencies…read more

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A2 Biology F215- Topics covered on previous exams and specimen (before June 2011)
species to humans essay?)
Describe how Explain why
activation of the fight immobilised enzymes
or flight response are used in large scale
affects voluntary,
Compare and contrast
involuntary and
continuous and batch
cardiac muscle culture (possible
(essay) essay?)
Net primary Describe differences
production in between primary and
ecosystems secondary metabolites
How energy content Outline steps of
can be measured sequencing genome of
(calorimeter) organism (possible
How the trophic level essay?)
Outline…read more

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A2 Biology F215- Topics covered on previous exams and specimen (before June 2011)
conditioning, social therapy and germ line
behaviour in primates cell gene therapy
and its importance (possible essay?)
Define biotic factor and
abiotic factor
Describe how
distribution and
abundance of
organisms can be
measured using line
transects, belt
transects, quadrats and
point quadrats
(possible essay?)
Describe how
microorganisms recycle
nitrogen + general
nitrogen cycle as
possible essay?
Describe predator-prey
Explain interspecific
and intraspecific
Outline how human
activities effect
populations of plants…read more

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A2 Biology F215- Topics covered on previous exams and specimen (before June 2011)
joints, in reference to
elbow joint
Sliding filament model
of muscle contraction
(possible essay
stimulating contraction
with neuromuscular
Outline role of ATP in
muscular contraction,
and how supply of ATP
is maintained in
Explain advantages of
innate behaviour
Describe escape
reflexes, taxes and
kinases as examples of
genetically- determined
innate behaviours
Describe imprinting,
classical conditioning,
latent and insight
Describe how DRD4
dopamine receptor
may contribute to
understanding of…read more


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