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Why is growing crops more efficient in terms of food production?
Fewer tropic levels therefore
Less energy lost between tropic levels

If a piece of land was left bare how would succession be measured?
Use coordinates/random numbers/permanent quadrats
(reject transect)
Use a large number of Quadrats
Count number of (each)…

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Fish eating birds died from D.D.T. poisoning (2 marks)
Each organism at higher levels in the food chain eats many organisms lower
in the food chain
As DDT isn't excreted it accumulates in the body/fatty tissue

Many insect populations become resistant to D.D.T. Explain how ( 4Marks )
Resistant insects…

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As enzyme activity increased

Fungi obtain nutrients from organic matter in the soil explain how (3marks)
Secretion / release of enzymes
Extracellular digestion
Absorb soluble products / named product e.g. glucose, amino acids

Describe how you would use a line transect to measure the distribution of Ranuculus species
(2 marks)…

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Not adapted to water loss (Allow other abiotic factors with explanation e.g.
temperature and enzyme

Explain what is meant by the term community
Populations of different species in the same place

Which ecosystem has the greatest stability? ( based on number of species)
Chalkland has more species / diversity…


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